I’m a Phoenix-based artist that takes scientific discoveries and ideas and interprets them into bold iconographic and often humorous paintings and drawings. My past work explored Promethean moral questions with octopuses, clocks powered by carnivorous plants, abyssal ocean depths, and zombie-ism in insects and spiders. My current work is built upon these past paintings and concepts.

The newest and most ambitious body of my work is a proverbial three-course meal, with the appetizer being Pop Tar. This series of ink drawings and paintings takes icons of pop culture, for example Donald Duck, distills them down to their bones and imbues them in exploding tar. I find deciphering the skeletal structure of these often strange-shaped characters to be fascinating. This silly series is easily palatable (even grandma knows Donald Duck) and sets the table for Tar & Feather.

The main course of my work is Tar & Feather, a continuing series of paintings that takes a humorous approach to the opaque idea of feathered dinosaurs and their bird descendants. Even though fossil evidence for feathered dinosaurs has been around for decades, pop culture has yet to catch up.  Jurassic Park helped engrain the image of a reptilian dinosaur in the public’s mind. Though not all dinosaur lineages have evidence of feathers, people can be very resistant to the idea of a T-rex or Velociraptor with feathers. Going from one extreme (reptilian) to the absurdity of every fossil, regardless of species, having feathers is where the humor in Tar & Feather comes in!

As for dessert, I am still in my artist’s kitchen cooking and developing the imagery and concepts but it will certainly be a sweet concoction! Look for the first taste to come in 2018!