I’m a Phoenix-based artist that takes scientific discoveries and ideas and interprets them into bold iconographic and often humorous paintings and drawings. My past work explored Promethean moral questions with octopuses, clocks powered by carnivorous plants, abyssal ocean depths, and zombie-ism in spiders and insects.

My newest body of work Tar & Feather explores the subject of dinosaurs with feathers. Although fossil evidence for feathered dinosaurs has been around for decades, pop culture has yet to catch up. Jurassic Park helped ingrain the image of a reptilian dinosaur in our collective consciousness. While not all dinosaur lineages have evidence of feathers, my paintings humorously engage viewers to think differently about science and history by flipping from one extreme (reptilian) to the other (avian)—an absurd idea that every fossilized species would exhibit feathers. The three distinct colors of faux-marble each represent a geological period along the Mesozoic era. These colors correspond with Olympic medals – bronze for 3rd, silver for 2nd, and gold for 1st. The oldest fossils are depicted atop bronze marble while the more recent are on gold. The marble is topped with a slurry of tar in the silhouette of the extinct animal with gooey wing projections. These tarry wings imply the animal’s use of feathers and flight.